Colca tour full day

Ica Full Day 

A day that will let you visit the city and its nearby attractions, with a City Tour in Ica, Buggies and Sandboarding, Guide and Tickets included.



Ica Full Day experience

A complete city tour through the streets of ica, including bus cricket Lima - Ica - Lima, transfer of the station/accommodation and sandboarding in the dunes.



Buggies & Sandboarding en Huacachina 

Explore the sand dunes in  buggies and have fun practicing sandboarding in the oasis of the Huacachina, we include pick up and transfer to the bus terminal of Ica - Huacachina, Buggie and Sandboarding, Guide, Tickets.



 Nazca Lines Fly over from Nazca 

  Discover the beautiful and mysterious figures created in Nazca. With an airplane flight to see the 12 figures formed in this arid desert by ancient civilizations.



 Nazca Lines Fly  from Ica

Flight over the Nazca lines, departing directly from Ica, flying over the 12 most mysterious figures of Peru for 3 hours, with pick up and transfer to the Nazca bus terminal - Aerodrome and Air Fee.



Paracas-Ica-Nazca 2D 1N 

Two days experience to know all the attraction that Ica and Paracas have to offer, visit the Huacachina, national reserve of Paracas, do sandboarding, tasting of "pisco liquor" and live great moments. includes pick up and transfer to the bus terminal of Ica - Huacachina, Buggie & Sandboarding, Guide, Tickets.



Buggies & Sandboarding

Pick up and transfer from the hotel in Paracas+dune 4x4(buggy) + Boards to practice sandboarding, and Professional driver

from $48

Ballestas Islands



Paracas Full Day 

in four wheel bike

Visit the national reserve of Paracas in four wheel bike in our city tour getting to know Ica, the Ballesta Islands.

Includes: Pick up and transfer to the bus terminal in Paracas, Tours: Ballestas Islands and four wheels bike  in the National Reserve of Paracas, Tickets, Guide in Spanish or English, Personalized attention.  



Paracas Full Day

know the Ballesta Island and the National Reserve of Paracas in this city tour. Observe sea lions and other marine fauna of the paracas bay. We include bus ticket Lima - Paracas - Lima, Transfer from the station/accommodation/to the tourist pier, Tours: Ballestas Islands and Paracas National Reserve.



Paracas-Ica Full Day 

Visit paracas and ica in this full day to know all the splendor of these beautiful cities, we include pick up at the bus terminal of Ica-City Tour Ica-Plaza de Armas, Bodega Artesanal de Vinos-Sanctuary of Luren-Visit the Huacachina Oasis-Buggies & Sandboarding.     



Paracas-Ica Full Day experience

 Get ready to learn about the origins of the pisco and the rich wine of Ica, in this full day to know Paracas and Ica we include: Ticket of bus Lima - Paracas - Lima, Transfer of the station/accommodation to the tourist pier, Tours: Ballestas Islands, City Tour Ica, Buggies + Sandboarding, Tasting of Pisco and Wine.     



Ica Full Day 

 Tour the dunes in a sand buggy, the beautiful city of Ica expects you to live it, we include: Pick up and transfer to the bus terminal of Ica, Tours: City Tour Ica, Buggies & Sandboarding, Guide, Tickets.



Flight from Nazca

Overflight of the 12 most important geoglyphs of Nazca


Canyon of the Lost

from $88

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